You remember those guys. They're the Mighty Ducks. But have you met the rest of us?

Name: Marina LeWebb 
Position: Former Private Investigator; Offense #7 
Age: 27 
Height: 5' 9'' 
Weight: 130 
Physical Description: Her black hair is in a braid all the way down 
her back, and her feathers are white with black stripes running all 
over her body. She wears a blue sleeveless unitard, black fingerless 
gloves, a black utility belt, black boots, and a silver crescant moon 
Equipment: Twin katana blades, worn across her back; a bola, hanging 
from her belt; her awesome fighting skills-she's a black belt in three 
different martial arts! 
Extra Points For: An expert in criminal psychology, she knows what the
criminal mind is like- not to mention how to get around a security 
system; A true artist, she loves to paint; With her police experience,
she can handle Klegghorn like no other; Her sword skills are almost as
good as Duke's. 
Personal Penalty: A dark, solitary Duck, her brewing emotions can eat 
her up from the inside; Though Duke is her best friend, they're almost 
binary oppisites, and she is the shady cop to his noble rogue- she has 
seen the dark side and has delved into it; unable to handle attention; 
Phil can fast-talk her into just about anything! 
Idol: Sam Spade, the dark detective from "The Maltese Falcon" 
Phrase Overheard: "Call it a quirk, but I have this crazy grudge against meglomaniacal psychopaths."

Name: Chantal Axillar 
Position: center Offense #37 
Height: 5'7 
Physical description: She has Red hair past her shoulders with bangs 
at the side, like Nosedive's. She has white feathers and Blue eyes. 
She is built kind of like Mallory.
Equipment: Puck blaster and Puck Cannon. She has Chest armor like 
Mal's and a Grappling Hook. She also wears a navy Blue unitard Spandex
thing with no sleeves. She has a belt around her waist with a holster 
attached where she holds her puck blaster. 
Extra Points For: She is a great fighter and hockey player. She has 
Some awesome skills that she aquirred from the Brother Hood Of The 
Blade. Some are like Dukes. She has some very smart ideas. She also 
knows how to have a good time.
Personal Penalty: Her lust of revenge makes her blood thirsty at times
and so she can not think straight all the time. She doesn't always 
know what is good for her and she gets confused at some things. 
Idol: Her older cousin Duke.
Phrase Overheard: "Alright, Pancakes!!"

Nylessa Drakeley
Position:  Don't play hockey, part time thief.
Weapons:  A dagger, and a bronze-hilt duck saber.
Attire:  I wear a short, sleevless, plain brown dress, a pair of knee 
high soft, black leather boots, and a black belt.
Appearance:  I have shoulder length red hair, white feathers, and dark
Likes:  Jewellery [and jewels]; triple spicy tacos; Nosedive; and, well, writing.
Dislikes:  Saurians; the police/army; Mallory; and seafood.
Extra Points For:  Being a thief, my skills come in useful when 
fighting the Saurians; I have a sense of humour almost equalling that
of Nosedive's [that's a GOOD point, I hear you ask]; and I can 
sweet-talk Phil out of almost any publicity stunt.
Personal Penalty:  I AM a thief, so I can't help stealing things on 
occasion; and I have a love, no, obsession for jewellery, to the point
where I might just take it...:)
Phrase Overheard:  "Don't worry, I'm not big on buying!"

Zelda the Dragon
Height: Up to a human's knees
Weight: 109 lbs
Position: I have none :)
Wingspan: About 8 feet
	I joined up with the Ducks after they came to this earth. It's a 
policy I and my leader friends have that we offer our services to 
anyone who fights for a good cause. We have so many comrades that we 
must use a system of signaling to help us know when a friend is in 
danger. But we have no coms. Instead, we use wooden whistles, which 
each emit a different call. Look close enough, and you'll see them 
hanging around the necks of our friends. Anyway, I offered my services
to the Ducks, not only because of policy, but also because of a deeper
	You see, the Saurians are some of my ancient ancestors, and I thought
they were all killed. Now that Dragaunus has dared to come and dirty 
the name of the dragon with his brand of evil, it is my duty as leader
to help dispose of him. It is a job which I plan to do happily.
	I live full-time with the Ducks at Anaheim, but have to go away when 
I'm called by my other comrades. I serve them as a counselor, 
ambassador, and partial medical team. Though the NHL doesn't allow me 
to interfere with the hockey games, I am allowed to run along the 
boards and follow in play.
	As for the others, I have to come to trust them with my life. I have 
a faith and motherly, protective compassion for them as I do all my 
other comrades, and my own kind. I can sense a deep ring of pride that
runs, along with many other senses, through each member of the group, 
thick and strong, that helps keep them all together. Through injury, 
homesickness, and all doubt, I have complete faith that we will 
triumph over the Saurians, and now, it is our job to prove ourselves 
	For my behavior during the game, I'm a bit passive-agressive. Since I
have a fan's vantage point of the game, I can see plays the Ducks 
can't, and help them out with any spotting they may need. If a bit of 
a brawl should develop, I act in strong defense of my team. I also 
will get mad when penalties are given wrongly, and get upset when the 
Ducks get hurt. However, it's nothing that isn't shaken off. After 
all, it's all part of a very exciting game.

Age: 15
Height: Taller than a large bed post, shorter than Mallory
Weight: How DARE you!
Weapons: Super Sonic Bow and Titanium Arrows
Personality: Nice, sweet kind, has a new boyfriend every week or so (if she's not with Davy Jones, she's with Mike Nesmith. If she's not with Mike Nesmith, she's with Fluid. If she's not with Fluid, she's with Davy Jones), and a temper that could stun a yak
Quotes: "Let's see, I drove Davy crazy last time, so I guess it's Mike's turn to go nuts." "When in doubt, eat chocolate."

Melissa "Abnormally Cruel" Raccoon
Age: 25
Height: The normal height of a short humanoid raccoon
Weight: Step a little closer to the Puck Bazooka and ask that.
Weapons: A Puck Bazooka and anything else she can get her paws on
Personality: You can tell it all by her middle name. She also can't stand her twin brother.
Quote: "Is it safe? Is it safe?"

Trembly (or known to others as Trem)
Age: 19 1/2
Height: Just a hair taller than Erin
Weight: I'm a little deaf in this ear. Speak up next time. Thank you for calling.
Weapons: None
Personality: The ultimate martial artist. Ten times better than Mallory (guess who Mallory's rival was after this guy was introduced to the team). Killer allergies (which he hates) and a Native American
Quotes: "How lucky do you feel?" "Life makes me sneeze."

starduck of steam
Position: former human, now bodyarmor creator for the Mighty Ducks  Physical Description: she has long-flowing red hair that ends at her 
waist. She wears a purple unitard, red boots and a red headband and a red utility belt 
Equipment: Stun rays that emit a purple plastic goo that stun an enemy on contact. A purple space suit with purple goo inside that keeps you warm in space. Steamjelly bags that are also purple that look like a cross between a bean bag and a water bed that protects the mighty ducks from harm once they are inside them.
Extra Points For: Creating a purple bodysuit for Tanya. She has the hots for Nosedive and she is the best bodyarmor creator on the planet and she hates violence and likes her fellow Ducks. Oh,that purple bodysuit that she has created for Tanya, Tanya likes it!! Wearing that suit has made Tanya less stressful and more fun-loving like her partner Starduck. She likes it so much that she, Starduck, Nosedive and Mallory have formed a group called the fellowhood of the sturple ducks who fight crime and have good times who spilt off from the Mighty Ducks for a time.
Idol: Mallory